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Personals Dir. Yahoo Dating. Enjoying This Site? Then why not use the button below, to add us to your favorite bookmarking service? Let's see No matter how you approach it, sometimes trying to find someone via a free people search can be a never-ending maze. Free results may include name, landline phone number, age, and associated names such as a maiden name. In addition, this people finder stands out because it includes full lists of complete previous addresses, and it may include lengthy lists of possible relatives and even possible associates.

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  • While the website itself does not offer memberships or additional paid results, you will find sponsored results for background checks on the results page. This website has been recommended by some bloggers and reviewers and was listed as one the best 12 websites to find people online according to an article on Makes Use Of MUO.

    People Search

    MUO noted the website offered in-depth results - although the best results appeared with both name and location. Although US Search offers background checks for a fee like Intelius, they also offer free people searches. To do a search, a last name is required, although for best results a last name and state are suggested. You can include city and state if you know both. You can also do reverse searches by phone number and address you need to have a complete address if conducting an address search.

    Once you put in your search criteria, you'll get results which may include full names, current and previous cities and states of residence, companies currently and previously worked at, and possible relatives.

    Top Searches

    To get full addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth, you will need to pay an additional fee. One of the unique aspects of the free people search on this website is you can narrow your results according to an alias the person might have used, age, and previous or current address. You can even narrow results with the name of a person's relative. It is listed as one of the top three people search engines according to Top Consumer Reviews and was listed as one of the best background check services according to A Secure Life. You don't have to sign up for an account to get preliminary basic search results at BeenVerified.

    You can search by name or name and location, phone number, email, or property address. It offers prompts to help you narrow or help your search, such as adding a city, middle initial, or approximate age. Although the basic search is completely free, it is not as comprehensive as some of the other websites. You can find possible past and current cities and states, previous or associated names, age, and relatives.

    To obtain any information beyond that, Been Verified does require you to sign up for an account and pay a subscription fee. Been Verified is listed as a top source according to The eBusiness Guide, and according to Top Ten Reviews , scores above average in terms of accuracy. At Find People Search , you can look up information by name, with may optional additional search fields to narrow results, including location, approximate age, maiden name, phone number, date of birth, and social security number.

    Find People for Free | Get Their Contact Info | ThatsThem

    Like many identity search tools, the more information you have the better. Including seemingly minor details like a middle initial can help enhance search results. No email or account sign ups are required. The free information you can find on this site can include past and present addresses although you may find some duplicates in the address section , age, landline phone number and phone service company, and a substantial list of possible relatives or associated persons.

    There is also a map view to show address locations with this search tool. With an average rating of 4. Those who have visited the site appreciate it is actually free and are fairly satisfied with the accuracy of the results. One of the more recent identity search tools available, That's Them , has fewer reviews and ratings than some of the other sites, but they offer free basic searches that include age range, landline phone number, and address. In addition, they offer some other information that's not seen on many of the other sites, including general financial information, the person's occupation, education level, and whether or not he or she is a pet owner.

    You can search by last name only but for best results, search by the full name and as much of the location information as possible. Other ways you can search are by email, reverse phone lookup, or reverse address search. There is also an expanded search page. This website was mentioned by LifeWire as one of the top search tools for email address searches.

    Although it's not marketed as a people search engine, LinkedIn can be extremely useful to finding people for free. The website does require you to create an account to join and look for connections you may know, but it's completely free. Since this website was created as a venue for professional networking, you'll find many people include a substantial amount of detail, including work histories, locations, and more.

    Using the search bar is straightforward and easy, but you can also browse by alumni and the LinkedIn suggestions of people you may know. You can also import your email addresses to help find people.

    If you choose to search by the person's name, you also have the option of using additional filters, such as company, to help you find who you are looking for.