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Download it free. Following a change of name extracts birth certificates can be purchased from the ScotlandsPeople website or, from your nearest registration office. Important: The cheque or postal order should be made payable to the Scottish Government.

What Do I Need to Do First?

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Change your name or the name of your spouse or child

Most people would NOT want to have their birth entry changed to record the name they have assumed following a marriage or civil partnership registration, although there is nothing to prevent you from doing so if you wish. However, please be aware that your birth record would be permanently altered as a result. They may ask to see your marriage or civil partnership certificates to explain the change.

If your relationship with your partner has ended and you no longer wish to be known by the name you assumed when you married or registered your civil partnership, you can simply let people who hold information about you such as your employer, doctor bank and passport office that you wish to be known as a different name.

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Since the surname being used is the surname of the mother, an Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father AUSF should also be executed with the civil registry office where the birth is registered. Skip to main content. Foreign Domestic.

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He can only lose his parental responsibility by order of the court. The new birth record replaces the original record and future birth certificates are issued from the new record.

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If your child has been baptised in a Christian church, you can add the baptismal names to the register. They may charge you for this.

How to change your name in birth certificate

You should then send the certificate to the original register office where the birth was registered. Note that only the baptismal names can be added to the register.

Recording Changes of Forename(s) and Surname(s) in Scotland | National Records of Scotland

Any full birth certificates issued from that point on will show details of the previous name at the top of the record, with the new name appearing in full in the space at the end of the record. Short birth certificates will show just the new name with the date and place of birth.

You should bear in mind the following restrictions:. National Records of Scotland will record in the register a change of forenames or surname for anyone:. The change will be recorded against the original entry in the register. If the child is under the age of 12 months, and you change only the forenames , then any future birth certificates will show only the new forenames.