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Appeals here are only heard in court, in this case the Superior Court of whatever county that the agency is located in. WA State agencies records retention schedule. WA Local agencies records retention schedule.

Still undecided. Some records are currently exempt, such as documents generated by the Clerk of the State House of Representatives or Secretary of the Senate, while others may be on the table. Federal Way v.

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Koenig, Wn. Their rulings and opinions are not binding. Depending on the ruling, this could be very little or a surprisingly large sum. Search fees may not be charged, and the standard rate for photocopies are fifteen cents per page. The benefit to this kind of specificity is that you know what the exemptions are and are not, and it is easier to appeal a more specific exemption rather than one which is more generally worded. What winds up happening here though is that many exemptions are needed to simply prevent personal information, financial consumer information, and other personally identifying info that citizens or employees would like kept private.

These cover subjects such as the discovery exemption used to withhold doucments if the state is going to trial under rules of pretrial discovery , law enforcement investigatory documents are exempt, as are deliberative process records. A full list is included in the resources section. The following attorneys and law firms have practiced public records law.

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Names marked with an asterisk have indicated a willingness to offer pro bono services on a case by case basis. There are currently no experienced public records law attorneys that we know of in Washington.

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To whom does this apply? In the most recent two of a string of cases involving branches of the Service Employees International Union and nonprofit organization Freedom Foundation, each party emerged with one victory and one loss.

First, in Freedom Foundation v. The Training Partnership is a nonprofit organization formed by SEIU , which is the exclusive bargaining representative of individual providers of in-home care service providers, as well as three private in-home service provider employers. The partnership provides training that in-home service providers are required to obtain under state law. Krikorian then negotiated a settlement with the district on the civil rights claim in which her client released any potential PRA claims.

Krikorian, asserting that the PRA claims were hers, subsequently filed suit against the district for violations of the PRA. In Creer Legal v. Monroe School District , No. Lyft Inc. Lyft asserted that the reports are protected from public disclosure because they are trade secrets under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, ch. In a decision , the Washington Supreme Court reversed the order granting injunctive relief. Pierce County.

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Tags: Freedom Foundation , Nissen v. Are Sortable Databases "Lists of Individuals"? Amendments to Exemptions Alternative Public Works. Child Victims of Sexual Assault.

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The bill expands the definition of identifying information to be an inclusive rather than exhaustive list, and to specifically include the name of a stepsibling. Applications for Public Employment. RCW As amended, the exemption will no longer apply to applications for elective offices. Investigations of Discrimination and Harassment. Information Regarding Gambling Disorders. These programs allow individuals to exclude themselves from gambling establishments licensed by the Washington state gambling commission.

FDA information. Paid Family and Medical Leave Act.