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Want to learn more about ping pong balls? Then read below. Cheap vs. Decent balls. Plastic vs. How are ping pong balls made? Spin is back in town! A quality ball.

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This is also a high quality table tennis ball. I first played with this ball in a tournament in and instantly liked it.

The bounce is consistent, you can easily generate spin and they rarely break. They are still very good to play with, although other mainstream table tennis brands have caught up with Xushaofa now. This was the ball used at the Team World Cup in London in At the event, I purchased a few balls and have been using them in training sessions.

My verdict? Very good indeed. Another ball I highly recommend.

Cheap vs. Decent balls

This will help you to be more efficient during training sessions less time picking just one ball off the floor. You can do multi-ball training. And you can improve your serves a lot with solo service practice. In an ideal word, you would train with the same quality balls you play competitive matches with.

But using a big box of competition quality balls for training is quite expensive.

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There is a lot of decent quality training balls available recommendations below , which are much more affordable and perfectly decent for doing training drills, multi-ball and service practice. I have used all of these over the past year in my coaching sessions and with my robot and I have been very happy with the quality and durability of the balls for training purposes…. I used these for many years less so now. These are good quality celluloid training balls. You can buy 72 balls for a really good price and they are very durable.

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My only word of caution is that you should avoid the really, really cheap balls. If you just want to buy a few balls, with good durability, a consistent bounce and a reasonable price, any of these will do the job…. You can buy table tennis balls from any dedicated table tennis shop. Take a look at my list of table tennis shops to find a shop near you…. You can sometimes find quite good deals for table tennis balls on Amazon UK site USA site , so worth checking here too.

So then I should buy and train with old celluloid balls?

Ping-Pong Ball Makes Great PID Example | Hackaday

The difference would be so small that I can overlook it? Or is this only on the robot? I think players at a professional level notice a big difference between the old balls and the new balls. Ideally you should train with the balls that you play matches with.

If you just need a few balls to train with, then go and buy the new plastic balls. Additionally why is the value of 30 added to the PID output? Because cheap servo motors tend to not work very well close to the limits. Less cynically, the 20 and plus 30? Try without?

BTW: to make this a lot more intuitive, I would set the different PID terms by turning potentiometers so that you can tweak them in real time and see the results. That would be a super cool demo…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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ping pong ball images

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